Refrigerated Trailers and Reefers

Josh Roberts Trucking’s refrigerated service provides a wide array of temperature-controlled solutions, including truckload, intermodal, and refrigerated LTL, all tailored to your specific needs. Refrigerated helps customers keep paint from freezing, maintain food freshness, and everything in-between.

Refrigerated trailer is a temperature-controlled type of trailer. It is generally used for transporting chilled or frozen products. The temperature inside this trailer can be controlled whatever the outside weather is. Josh Roberts Trucking has the refrigerated trailer you need, regardless of the size of your load or the type of cargo you need to be shipped.

Legal Weight and Dimensions:
Maximum Freight Weight: 42,000 to 45,000 lbs.

Maximum Freight Dimension:
Maximum Refrigerated Trailer Length: 48 ft. – 53 ft.
Maximum Refrigerated Trailer Width: 8.2 ft.
Maximum Refrigerated Trailer Height: 8 ft.

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